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House illustration - "Future" microfiction

Freya bought the mirror at the flea market, having been assured by the vendor that it would reflect her future.

A first, it showed her a battered and beaten old shed. But as her life progressed and she made smart choice after smart choice, the mirror’s reflection changed. The roof was patched up. The door was painted. Pretty curtains were installed in its windows.

Eventually, the little building evolved into a vast, brick house surrounded by lush green lawns and pretty flowerbeds.

And then, one day without warning, the image in the mirror disappeared.

Freya was dead within a week.

Photo of mirror reflecting a shed.
© Nathan Sowers

This story was inspired by the above photo prompt from Friday Fictioneers, a weekly writing challenge hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. You can read more stories inspired by the photo – or add your own – here.

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Author: Ellie Scott

Ellie Scott is a freelance content writer and copywriter from Yorkshire. She writes speculative and silly short stories and flash fiction, writing-related blogs posts, and book reviews for short attention spans. Her most common pastimes include procrastinating on Twitter (@itsemscott) and hibernating on her sofa with a book and a (very large) glass of gin.

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