Grab a FREE eBook – Come What May Day!

Come What May Day A Short Story Collection by Ellie Scott

It’s spring, it’s sunny and times are uncertain, but at least we have books, right? On that note, I’ve made my short story collection, Come What May Day, available for free until May 18th. You can grab a copy now from Amazon.

New book! All Hallows’ Hell

All Hallows Hell, A Short Story Collection by Ellie Scott

I’m working hard on the upcoming release of my Halloween-themed short story collection All Hallows’ Hell, which is now available for pre-order! If you like creepy stories, spooky stories, silly stories and cats, this is the book for you. It’ll be available in ebook and paperback on October 1st 2020.

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3 thoughts on “Grab a FREE eBook – Come What May Day!

  1. Thanks Ellie, I’ve just downloaded Come What May Day. I really enjoyed Merry Bloody Christmas, which I actually finished well after Christmas and haven’t reviewed yet… I haven’t reviewed quite a few books yet with family dramas and pandemics etc! All Hallow’s Hell should be fun.

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