Don’t Trust the Toilets | Microfiction

Scribbled male and female toilet symbols - "Don't Trust the Toilets" microfiction

The toilet stall read “Vacant” and yet the damn thing wouldn’t open. She hammered on the door desperately, wincing as her full bladder threatened to revolt if it wasn’t relieved soon.

“Anyone in there?” she called.

No reply.

She took three steps back, then threw herself at the door, grunting as her shoulder took the brunt of the impact. The door burst open and she stumbled forward.

There was no toilet – just a huge, gaping black hole where the toilet should be.

She teetered on the edge of the void, her arms windmilling frantically in an attempt to right herself, but the abyss pulled her in.

With a final yelp she fell to her doom, her last thoughts being of her friend’s warning words: “I wouldn’t trust the toilets in this grubby dump.”

If only she’d listened.

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