Don’t Go | Microfiction

Camp bed illustration - "Don't Go" microfiction

‘Please don’t leave. I’m scared.’

Here we go again. Same routine as always. ‘End of visiting hours – I can’t stay.’

‘Take me with you, then. I don’t want to be here.’

‘I can’t do that. They’re helping you get better.’

‘They’re not. They leave me alone too much. And when they are with me they make me uncomfortable.’

She always goes down this track. ‘Don’t be daft. They’re lovely. They treat you well.’

‘Too well. They’re too nice. It’s creepy.’

‘That doesn’t make sense.’

‘It does. They don’t know me from Adam; they’re only nice because they have to be. It’s their job. It’s all fake. I make their lives difficult; I don’t deserve nice. If they were mean to me, at least I could trust them. I’d know where I stand.’

And that’s where she gives me an out. Same routine as always. I stand up.

‘Please don’t go.’

‘You’re being pathetic. You’re lucky I bother coming to see you every day. You think I want to spend my time in here? Pull yourself together, will you? Make an effort. I’m sick of coming here.’

She doesn’t say anything. She never does.

I want to hug her, but I won’t. ‘See you tomorrow,’ I say, and I walk away.

I blink back tears in the corridor. They say you have to be cruel to be kind. She’s getting better, bit by bit. That’s all that matters.

About Stories that Sing

Stories that Sing are monthly tales inspired by a random song from my Spotify library. This time, it was Moby’s In This World.

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