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Bird illustration - "Company" microfiction

The bird turned up at 7.35pm sharp, every single day since her grandmother had died. It perched on the window ledge, gazing through the glass at her with inquisitive eyes as she washed the dishes.

Perhaps it just wanted some company, she thought. She didn’t mind that; she could use some company herself. Her evenings had been quiet since she stopped getting her grandmother’s daily calls.

She didn’t like to read too much into it. People would call her all sorts of things if she did. But nonetheless, every evening she shared with the bird the details of her day.

© Jean L. Hays

This story was written in response Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ Friday Fictioneers photo prompt. You can read more stories inspired by the photo here.

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24 thoughts on “Company | Microfiction

    1. Perhaps! I hadn’t thought too much about what could happen next. Now when I think of talking to birds I think immediately of your crows in Little Malice… maybe the character here is one of the folks from the village!

  1. A nice character study of a bereaved woman that tells us of her loneliness, and how much she misses her gran. Or it could be read as the return of her gran in the form of a bird. I wonder if that’s how she viewed it?

    1. In my mind I imagined her considering that the bird could be her gran, not quite wanting to believe it, but finding comfort in the possibility. I wish I’d had a few more words to explore that aspect! Thanks for reading, Penny 🙂

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