Come What May Day | A New Short Story Collection

Come What May Day: A Short Story Collection by Ellie Scott, available from Amazon

Today is the launch of my latest collection of short stories, Come What May Day, which naturally has me feeling all excited and utterly fraught with nerves in equal measures.

Just like my last collection, each story in Come What May Day takes place in the same nameless Yorkshire town and on the same day, only this time the onset of spring has brought about some new adventures.

May Day has arrived and the storm clouds have parted just enough for the annual May Fair to kick off without a hitch. But how long will it be until the town’s dark streak rears its ugly head?

There’s some very questionable meat on the barbecue, a chainsaw-wielding madman is on the loose, and a couple of aliens are trying to figure out if Earth is worth all the hype.

The Morris dancers can’t remember their moves, the maypole is commandeered by a ribbon-addicted feline, and an animal army is awaiting in the woods to set a revolution in motion.

Will the May Queen be deserved of her crown? Will the Federation of Knitters finally gossip itself into oblivion? And will the Green Man get away with his usual mischief before the twisted trees scupper his plans?

I hope these stories will make folks laugh; they’re a bit silly, a bit whimsy, and straight up sick in some places. I’d like to think it’s everything I do here on my website, only a little more polished and proper.

For those who read my previous collection, Merry Bloody Christmas, you can expect to be reunited with a few of my favourite festive characters, but if you didn’t, you can meet them for the first time with Come What May Day and I really hope you like them.

You can buy Come What May Day now from and, both as an eBook and a paperback. It’s also available free for those with Kindle Unlimited.

Come What May Day by Ellie Scott book cover

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12 thoughts on “Come What May Day | A New Short Story Collection

  1. Just bought it today – love the cat’s vivid perspective & the sarcastic humour throughout in ‘Ode’ and the May Queen rivalries in ‘Crowning’. You should be proud of these stories – I really enjoyed them! 😀

  2. Well done, Ellie. Sorry for the delay in contacts, been rather tied up with charity and literary works this year, and have neglected my blog and blogging pals for quite a while. Hope you can forgive me? I will head over straight away and purchase your second collection without a thought becauseI know how good they will be, how ell edited and professional they must be.

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