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Kelly examined her reflection in the mirror. She had a towel wrapped up in a pile on top her head, and another tucked around her body. Her skin was still flush from the heat of the shower, and she wished that she could always look as radiant.

No matter, she thought. She’d only be plastering her war paint over the top. Bold, black eyeliner and deep red lips, applied in just the way the woman on the makeup counter had shown her. It was her signature look, now, and it worked perfectly with her new capsule wardrobe which was crammed full of sleek, tailored outfits that proved she meant business.

New face, new style, new job, new friends, new home. Everything in Kelly’s life had changed within just a matter of weeks, just as she’d planned. If you want change, you have to make it happen – that’s what an old friend had told Kelly right before she’d taken the plunge and cut ties with him. Step by step, she’d flipped her whole life on its head and hacked down trees to create a brand new road in the wood.

All that was left was her hair.

She wanted the old mousy brown gone. She wanted to go platinum. She wanted hair so bright that she could blind the world around her. She wanted to show everyone – those from her past, those in her present, and those yet to be part of her future – that she was transformed.

She smiled at herself in the mirror, then reached up for the towel. She looked down at her toes as she slipped it off her head, then took a deep breath, and looked up at her new self.

Her hair was gone.

A wave of nausea hit her as she took in her bald crown.

She looked at the towel in her hands and, sure enough, a nest of damp, white hair clung to it. She dropped the whole lot to the floor.

With shaking hands, she ran her fingers over her bare scalp. She looked at her face, then at her head, and then she took in both at once and calibrated her new appearance.

Maybe it wasn’t so bad.

No. It wasn’t so bad at all. In fact, it was perfect.

She’d wanted a change, and that’s what she’d got.

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