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In a hurry? You’re in the right place. I categorise stories as microfiction when they come in at 300 words or less. They’re like wee baby stories. Sadly, though, most of them will never grow up. Or maybe that’s a good thing, ‘cos adulthood kinda sucks.

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Chopped apple illustration - "Leg It!" microfiction
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Leg It! | Microfiction

Teensy-weensy stories I wrote on social media this week. Molten liquid bubbles in the #crucible while the evil villain looks on. “Time to sacrifice another. Boil away!” Cackling, she tosses the next victim to its death. “Lucy! My best saucepan… look at the mess! Turn off that hob and put those gummy bears down.” “But Mum…”#vss365a — Ellie Scott (@itsemscott) June 2, 2019

Diamond illustration - "In Bits" microfiction
#Fiction#Microfiction#Stories that Sing

In Bits | Microfiction

Sweat beaded on his forehead as he picked his way through the crisscross of lasers. The diamond was almost within his grasp. His nose tickled. No. No, no, no. How could this happen to him at the very last moment? He scrunched up his face, pushed his tongue up onto the roof of his mouth, closed his eyes and held his breath. The tickle intensified. He couldn’t stop it.

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