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Staff Room Sagas

Ad-hoc stories about a nameless office staff room. Why? Well, why not? Weird stuff happens in staff rooms. The gossip. The drama. The stained teaspoons. The unidentifiable mouldy stuff in the fridge. When you put people from all walks of life into an office and make them spend 7 to 8 hours a day together, five days a week, there’s bound to be juicy stuff that kicks off, right?

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Illustration of a sloth hanging from a branch - "Hang In There!" flash fiction
#Animal Tales#Fiction#Flash Fiction#Medium#Staff Room Sagas

Hang In There! | Flash Fiction

Hang In There! says the poster, and just beneath this peppy instruction is a photograph of a sloth hanging languidly from a branch. Its little black eyes gaze out, curious, while a superior half-smile on its mouth shows its true colours. “Oh yeah, you hang in there,” that smug mouth seems to say. “I’ll even provide the noose.” Gordon wants to punch that fucking sloth right between its beady eyes. Continue reading on Medium >

Frowning man at desk caricature - "Down the Hatch" flash fiction
#Fiction#Flash Fiction#Medium#Staff Room Sagas

Down the Hatch | Flash Fiction

“Take a seat, Miles. Drink?” “No, no thank you. Better not.” “Oh, go on. It’s Friday, after all.” Miles wipes his brow and sits down at his boss’s desk, while Mr Cooke pours two generous tots of whiskey. “It’s been a tough week, Miles.” Miles nods. “Have you not found it a tough week?” “Oh, yes sir. Very tough week. Yes. I nodded.” “You what?” “No, I… I agreed. Tough week.” “Let’s talk about it.” Mr Cooke pushes a glass towards Miles. “Tell me about your week.” “Well. I had… a few problems.” “Oh, I know, I know. Exactly how […]

Black hole illustration - "End is Nigh" flash fiction
#Fiction#Flash Fiction#Staff Room Sagas

End is Nigh | Flash Fiction

“Winter’s setting in quick, isn’t it?” Mabel peered out of the window at the gloomy street. “I can’t believe it’s dark already.” “I know. And it’s only 11.15.” “You’re kidding! I was thinking it was closer to four in the afternoon. Didn’t I have lunch already?” Aaron laughed. “Nope. Must be getting your days muddled.” Mabel scratched her head. “Time does drag in this office. So how can it be dark at 11.15 in the morning?”

Sandwich illustration - "Weekend Plans" Flash Fiction
#Fiction#Flash Fiction#Series#Staff Room Sagas

Weekend Plans | Flash Fiction

There was a new girl in the office and everyone felt a bit weird about it. The equilibrium of the workplace was askew as everyone tried to figure out what she was like and how she’d fit in. It wasn’t that they didn’t like her, but more that they didn’t know her; it simply wasn’t clear if she was going to be likeable. The staff room was unusually quiet for a Friday lunchtime; the only noise that filled the air was the icky sound of chewing and chomping, slurping and munching. Everyone wanted to chat, like usual, but they didn’t […]

mugs illustration
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“How’s the missus?” Matt frowns. “What missus?” His colleague frowns right back. “Alisha, isn’t it? How is she?” “No idea what you’re on about, Marie.” Marie snorts. “Oh no, you haven’t had a falling out have you?” Matt maintains his look of puzzlement. “What you on about? I don’t have a girlfriend. Been single for months.”

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