Books by Ellie Scott

The Dead End

Maddy’s dead at 20 years old, and she couldn’t be happier about it.

Until she learns it’s possible to be deader than dead.

Something sinister is robbing the dead of their blissful eternity in the afterlife. Maddy’s sorry soul is tasked with putting a stop to it. Can she keep the Dead End safe, and will she ever find the will to live?

Short Silly Stories

Book 1: Merry Bloody Christmas

Countdown to Christmas with 24 interwoven silly short stories, all set in a gloomy town in Yorkshire on a snowy Christmas Eve.

An awkward breakup, a vengeful turkey, alien abductions, a chocoholic grizzly bear, a talking Christmas tree, mince pie overdoses, and a very bloody murder. Will poor old Saint Nick make it out alive?

Book 2: Come What May Day

There’s some very questionable meat on the barbecue, a chainsaw-wielding madman is on the loose, and an animal army awaits in the woods to set a revolution in motion.

Will the May Queen be deserving of her crown? Will the Federation of Knitters finally gossip itself into oblivion? And will the Green Man get away with his usual mischief before the twisted trees scupper his plans?

Book 3: All Hallows’ Hell

It’s Halloween and for one night only a century-old spirit has travelled from the land of the dead to satiate his bloodlust.

Will he find an unwilling host before midnight strikes, or will the modern world befuddle him into submission? The streets are packed with werewolves, witches and wand-wielding wizards, but how on Earth do those alien costumes manage to look so realistic? Why is Rapunzel covered in blood? And why is that horde of zombies sporting uniforms from the local prison?