Bleeding Out | Microfiction

Lemon illustration - "Bleeding Out" microfiction

“Help. Help us! My friend’s been knifed. He’s bleeding out.”

The little girl eyes the panicked lime that stands before her, along with his injured lemon friend who is oozing juice fast. “Oh. I don’t know what to do.”

“Aren’t you qualified? Why the hell are you manning a Lemon Aid stand if you can’t provide appropriate medical care to a lemon?”

The girl glances at her handwritten sign. Lemonaid 50p. She’s not the strongest speller in her class. “Why don’t I squeeze him into this jug? Least he won’t go to waste.”

The lime quivers with fear. “You monster!”

And soon enough the enterprising young girl discovers that homemade lemonade is all the more delicious with a spritz of lime.

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