Better Run | Microfiction

Human skull illustration - "Better Run" microfiction

They were bones like no others. Every single one was intricately carved with an array of pretty patterns. A mound over here had geometric designs. A mound over there had elaborate flowers and delicate leaves. More still featured tiny human figures bearing guns.

And then there was the jewellery. Bangles. Necklaces. Pendants. Rings. All of it gleamed with an off-white lustre, polished to perfection.

The men were nervous as they inspected the haul. At first, they assumed them to be animal bones, but then they discovered the pile of skulls. Unmistakably human. That’s when their hearts started pounding.

“This is sick,” one said.

“Who cares? Let’s keep moving. We’re here for tusks.”

“But who would do this? With human bones?”

A deep, rasping trumpet broke their thoughts. The men turned and finally saw the herd which had crept up quietly from behind. Trunks wavered, ears flapped, tusks were raised in the air.

“We better run.”

Merry Bloody Christmas: A Short Story Collection by Ellie Scott

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