Best Friend

‘Break friends, break friends, never, never make friends,’ said Lucy as she shook the paw of Taz, her teddy bear, then slung him across the room.

Taz had really done it this time. There was no way Lucy would ever speak to him again after what he’d done. He’d gossiped about her behind her back to Reg the rabbit and if there was something Lucy couldn’t stand it was gossips.

It was Reg who had spilled the beans to Lucy. Reg wasn’t all that keen on gossip either, but when Taz had told him that Lucy hadn’t really come first in the egg and spoon race at sports day he just had to broach the subject with her to ask if it was true. If there was something Reg hated more than gossip it was liars.

Lucy came over all embarrassed when Reg asked her where she’d really placed. She said she’d come second, but that Annabel Bailey knocked her elbow so that her egg fell off its spoon and she dropped behind. Annabel was a no good cheat and didn’t deserve her first place, so Lucy just told everyone that she had come first.

Now Lucy sat on her bed plaiting Barbie’s hair. She had thought that maybe Barbie could be her new best friend. But Barbie was boring and snooty. She flicked her hair back and forth and wiggled her hips and told Lucy that Cindy was her best friend, simply because Cindy was nowhere near as pretty as she was, and Barbie could never be friends with someone as pretty as herself.

Lucy got annoyed by Barbie’s chatter and offered to give her a haircut. Barbie wasn’t all that keen on the idea but before she knew what was happening Lucy had grabbed her mother’s nail scissors from the bathroom cabinet and was snipping off all of Barbie’s hair. What was left of it stood up on end in clumps. Barbie screamed at Lucy, who threw her into a corner with disgust.

Barbie landed beside the scorn Taz, who giggled at her patchy head. Barbie shouted at him and he apologised. They sat in silence. He stared at her baldness and tried to ignore the laughter that bubbled up in his throat, until he couldn’t take it any longer.

Lucy heard the giggles from the corner of her bedroom. She wandered over to her ex-best friend bear who chuckled shamelessly at the furious Barbie. His laughter was contagious, and despite herself she found herself chortling at the silly doll.

She picked Taz up, hugged him close to her chest and then took his hand in his paw.

‘Make friends, make friends, never, never break friends,’ she said. And her and Taz never fell out again.

Because despite arguments and silly gossip, friends will always stay friends if they have someone to laugh at.

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