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I’ve been AWOL for a while and I felt like I should do a short blog post to explain my disappearance and to make preemptive excuses for any future relinquishing of my website, social media, email, writing and general life responsibilities.

In a nutshell, my mental health sucks at the moment. I’m working on it, but NHS therapy waiting lists are long and the process of finding the right medication is a nightmare. I’m finding communication with other people – even via the internet – really difficult. So, if I’ve not replied to a comment, a message or an email of yours over the past few weeks, or you’ve noticed that I haven’t left any likes and comments on your blog for a while, don’t take it personally. I’m trying to get back on track and into the real (and internet) world again but I’m up and down like a yoyo on a bungee cord so who knows when I’ll manage to get back to normal.

Here are some mundane things that have happened recently:

  1. I turned another year older and celebrated by eating nachos and watching Homeward Bound II for what must be the hundredth time in my life.
  2. I had to turn down really cool writing opportunities because my brain’s a bastard and can’t take the pressure.
  3. I bought a new desk and computer chair and now my home office looks suave as hell (not that I have had much use out of it yet due to my stupid brain), but my swish new black chair became coated with ginger cat fluff within 3 hours of it being in the house.
  4. I chewed my lovely long fingernails down to ragged little stumps and now my typing rhythm sounds far less tappety-tappy and more thuddedy-thuddy, which is a shame.
  5. My local council finally started collecting plastic recyclables and gave us wheelie bins with hot pink lids which make the streets look like Barbie’s home turf on bin day.

I know, I know, my existence is thrilling.

Thanks for sticking around, folks. You might see me lurking about and catching up with everyone’s writing and maybe, if I can really get my shit together, posting some new fiction over the next couple of weeks.

Here’s a picture of my ridiculous little dog looking joyous to have been given a massive bone that, over the course of several weeks, she managed to eat in its entirety. May it bring you a smile and remind you that big things can be conquered, even if they give you jaw ache and a bad case of the runs in the process.

Skippy the dog holding a massive bone

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11 thoughts on “An Update that Nobody Asked For | Blog

  1. It’s a long dark, tunnel, sometimes. It doesn’t sound like fun, but experience tells me to keep plodding; seemingly out of nowhere you’ll suddenly realise that there’s a little pre-dawn light in the air, and you can head towards the exit. Good luck.

  2. Hey Ellie,
    Thanks for posting this update. Everyone is allowed and deserves some down time. From following your blog I know you’ve done some pretty amazing things and when you get through this, you’ll do some more! Take care of yourself and take all the time you need. Bon courage 🤝

  3. Hi Ellie, missed you, of course. Hang in there girl; life just sucks sometimes. Give yourself the time and break through the darkness and out into the light. Sure you can!
    What a cute little dog you have. Animals are great for mental issues. Her eyes look very understanding.
    Take care sweetie. It will be lovely to have you and your ‘silly stories’ back when you’re good and ready.

  4. Hope you find the yellow door. Pink lids on the recycling bin, that made me laugh. Our council has been collecting plastics for years – – we have BIG BIN ( all recycling ) and LITTLE BIN for rubbish.

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