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Dear Lost Forks,

I’d like to begin by thanking you for your vital, if short-lived, service. Over the past few months, you have done important work in aid of my taste buds and my stomach. You helped me to shovel pasta into my mouth at a rate that is almost superhuman. You allowed me to mash avocado onto toast so beautifully that my Instagram followers were driven wild. You even helped me to tackle the ring pulls on my Diet Cokes when I was afraid of breaking a nail, a task that is far beyond your intended role.

I know that I haven’t always been kind. Many a time I woke you from your slumber in the cutlery drawer, only for you to lay idle beside my plate as I threw my manners out the window and ate my food with my hands. You didn’t pass judgement on this lewd behaviour of mine, even when I ate so viciously that you were splattered with sauce and crumbs like mere placemats. Following this, and to my shame, I would simply mark you as ‘unused’ and replace you, unwashed, in the cutlery drawer.

Without a doubt, it is antics of this nature which have forced you to leave without saying goodbye…

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5 responses to “An Open Letter to My Lost Forks | Medium Article”

  1. Padmasandhya avatar

    Laughing my heart out! Great one, Ellie!

  2. thelupiemomma avatar

    Is Medium still charging you to be a member? I used to love the site but then that whole ordeal surfaced amongst other issues and I was like naaaaah lol

    1. Ellie Scott avatar

      I’m reasonably new to it so I don’t know much about how membership worked in the past or of any issues people had… will have to look into it! At the moment it seems you can be a member without paying, and can read a limited number of premium articles a month (ones which the writer has chosen to monetise) and an unlimited number of non-premium articles. If you pay $5 a month, you can “clap” premium articles and the writers of those articles receive a portion of that $5 fee. I’m pretty sure you can earn on your writing without being a paying member yourself. Not sure if that’s different from how it was set up in the past? I’m still kinda figuring it out and trying to decide if I like it so I guess I’ll see how it goes!

      1. thelupiemomma avatar

        Yeah that’s about how it was when I left. Only it was more ‘if you didn’t pay you wouldn’t be able to read anything’ but I’m glad to hear its working out!

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