Again | Microfiction

Illustration of eye and eyebrow - "Again" microfiction

“Again… ouch. Again… ugh! Again… aargh. Again… ooo…”

“I don’t really feel comfortable with this.”

“Don’t back out now.”

“But it feels weird.”

“Why? We’re just two friends, helping each other out…”

“…Inflicting pain on one another…”

“Well, yeah. But you can’t stop now. Not after you’ve started.”

“But –”

“No buts! Pick up those tweezers and keep plucking. You can’t leave me with one good eyebrow and one bushy one.”

“Fine. But next time we do this, we’re waxing – get it over and done with quicker. And you could you try to make less noise?”

“You got it. Again!”

Stories that Sing

I write one new story each week inspired by a random song from my Spotify library. This week it was “Do It Again” by Queens of the Stone Age (turn it up loud, it’s a banger).

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