The Fun Part: The 3rd Person Biography

Ellie Scott is a 20-something (you don’t need to know the specifics) freelance copywriter and fiction writer from Sheffield.

Having written several dog-related adventure stories at the age of 7, Ellie has had a passion for telling tales for decades. She secretly penned terrible poems and mediocre short stories throughout her teenage years, and upon the realisation that she had no idea what she wanted to do with her adult life, she settled on committing herself to obscene amounts of debt in the form of a Drama and Creative Writing degree. During her studies she funded her Super Noodles and red wine diet by doing a touch of freelance copywriting work on the side, and began to wonder if she might actually be able to make a living from this writing malarkey.

Despite having a degree which, on paper, meant nothing to the real world and offered few realistic career prospects, Ellie managed to bag herself a real, full time job after graduating in 2012. So began 3 years in the digital marketing industry, where Ellie realised that while she would never have the analytical mind needed to become an SEO expert, she was still pretty good at writing copy.

Eager to have more flexibility to pursue her own creative writing projects, Ellie took the leap into self-employment in 2015 and has never looked back. Well, she may have looked back a couple of times, but only to mourn the loss of the reassuring green payslips which used to present themselves to her every month, on time and without fail. Those things were great.

These days, Ellie continues to write copy and fiction from the comfort of her spare room, very often in her pyjamas and with a dog or cat sat on her lap. When it comes to copywriting, Ellie can turn her hand to a huge variety of online content, from product descriptions and informational pages, to blogs, eBooks and whitepapers.

With fiction, things are a bit weirder. Fuelled by whatever writing prompts she can get her hands on, Ellie loves to write in a variety of genres and styles that will constantly test her skills and force her to crank the cogs of imagination. She is also currently working on her first novel – a process which has made her cry more times than she can count – which she hopes will be ready to face the world in 2018.

If you’d like to hire Ellie for copywriting or fiction writing projects (why wouldn’t you?), just get in touch.

The Dull Part: The 1st Person CV

Copify UK & US – 2015 – Present

Professional Freelance Copywriter

I regularly complete freelance copywriting work via UK Copify and US Copify for a wide range of business types. In the past I have completed work for online bingo sites, furniture manufacturers, construction companies, marketing agencies, eCommerce sites and many more.

Ossila Ltd – 2014 – 2015

Digital Marketing Assistant

Ossila Ltd provides research equipment and technical support to universities and institutions across the world within the nanotechnology field of organic and thin film electronics. I managed Ossila’s website and content, social media presence, email newsletter campaigns, PPC advertising and SEO, wrote and edited product descriptions, industry news articles and instructional guides, and created promotional materials such as leaflets, posters and banner stands.

Savantini Ltd – 2012 – 2014

Assistant Brand Manager

Savantini is an online retailer of health and wellbeing products. I oversaw all selling channels for brand StressNoMore, including the e-commerce website and stores on eBay and Amazon. Working at Savantini gave me a brilliant opportunity to cut my teeth on writing for eCommerce websites. I created persuasive product descriptions, engaging blogs and informational web pages, whilst planning and implementing long term content marketing strategies to increase exposure of the brand.

Purecontent – 2011 – 2012

Freelance Writer

Whilst still studying at university, I took my first steps into online content writing by working on a freelance basis for Purecontent. I tackled an array of topics, from vehicle reviews to online gambling resources, and found myself loving the challenge of researching and writing on a new topic each day.


Drama and Creative Writing, 2:1 BA Hons – 2012

Royal Holloway University of London