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Sass, magic, time-travel, and a talking snowman. If that doesn’t make you want to read A Witchly Influence, I don’t know what will.

The story follows Carmen, a recently-divorced witch, as she’s assigned a tough new job in a world where us mere mortals coexist with witches and wizards. Carmen’s new job position is that of Influencer, and she’s tasked with influencing the lives of two mortals to ensure they fulfil the fates intended for them. One of these mortals is a middle-grade special needs teacher, Abby, who is simply too nice for her own good. The other is Carmen’s step-brother, Finn, who needs a swift kick up the butt to reach his full potential.

Carmen is such a likeable character that I’d love to read more about her journey after the final page. She doesn’t take shit from anybody, but her hard-ass nature isn’t without kindness. She always does right by the people she cares for and goes above and beyond to help them out, even if she dishes out some scathing one-liners along the way.

I particularly loved Carmen’s relationship with Abby. Carmen’s role was to boost Abby’s confidence and help her get the best from life, but there were plenty of moments where Carmen learnt from and improved because of Abby, too. It really showcased the power and importance of strong friendships.

A Witchly Influence is a fun, witty, and cosy read. It feels like a classic women’s fiction tale or book club novel, but the fantasy element of magic transforms it into a truly unique story. The way in which magic is incorporated so naturally into the everyday and into our familiar world is really effective. It almost had me wondering if there are truly witches and wizards among us. If only!

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Author: Ellie Scott

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