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Please forgive me while I interrupt the regular writerly Sunday blog posts on this platform in favour of a bit of a WHINGE.

I’m overwhelmed. Not by writing, (well, I am a bit, but no more than usual), but by life.

I’m getting married in August, and we “didn’t want a lot of fuss” so we’re having a simple registry office ceremony followed by an intimate reception in our own home. It’s gonna be great – plenty of booze, good food on the barbecue, a Spotify playlist of my own choosing, and our closest family and friends to celebrate with.

There’s only one small problem… OUR HOUSE IS A DUMP.

Okay, I’m exaggerating. Our house is fine. It’s just needs a little bit of TLC and tarting up so that it looks as good as can be on the day. We moved in a little over two years ago and we’ve been fixing it up ever since. It’s looking pretty good these days, but the thing with houses is that there’s always something to do.

The little bits of TLC and tarting up are a series of pesky, wee DIY jobs. Lick of paint here, new curtains there, bodged-up new fence in the garden, few potted plants dotted around, fix the damn mould problem in the bathroom, move the telephone and internet cables so that they’re not trailing everywhere, steam clean the carpets, swap the old light switches for pretty ones… the list goes on. And on. And on.

And there’s less than 3 months to do it all in.

I also have lots of writing projects, both in mind and in progress, to keep on top of.

Plus, there’s the unending pressure to get my skincare routine figured out and my diet routine figured out and my wedding outfit figured out so that my poor husband-to-be doesn’t have to watch a haggard, pimply, rotund, bin bag-wearing beast walk down the aisle towards him.

It just feels like I have a lot of plates spinning at the moment, folks. Bear with me; enlightening writing-themed blogs may be taking a bit of backseat in favour of life-related updates for a short while. I hope that’s okay.

Stories will continue as usual, of course. We can’t let go of the stories.

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5 thoughts on “A Whinge | Blog

  1. Your husband to be will only see the bride he’s been waiting to marry when you do walk down the aisle.
    Family, friends, BBQ, good booze and a dumpy house sounds perfect! It will be a wonderful day no matter what. Enjoy it, and keep the stories coming.

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