A Swim in the Nuddy | Flash Fiction

Waves illustration - "A Swim in the Nuddy" flash fiction

“Come on, pal — get your kit off.”

Dale shivered and looked up at the night sky from which the first flakes of snow were beginning to fall. “I can’t believe you’re serious about this.”

Ryan clapped him on the back. “A swim in the sea in the nuddy — it’s a tradition. You’ve had ten pints, you shouldn’t be able to feel the cold.”

“You really do it every year?”

Gareth laughed. “Every year, just past midnight on Christmas Eve. So get your bloody kit off.”

Dale eyed the black waves. It wasn’t a choppy night out at sea, but it wasn’t as calm as he’d like. He wasn’t the strongest of swimmers, and he wondered if the ten pints would improve on his doggy-paddling or make it worse. “Why do I have to go first?”

“New guy always goes first,” Ryan said. “Them’s the rules.”


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6 thoughts on “A Swim in the Nuddy | Flash Fiction

    1. Thanks, Russel! The basic idea behind Medium is that it’s completely ad-free; members can pay $5 per month to read unlimited premium stories, while non-paying members can read unlimited non-premium stories. Writers can choose to sign up to the partner program and make their stories premium, in which case they can earn money through views and “claps” from paying members. My experience is that it’s perhaps not as informal and close-knit a community as WordPress, but I like having the ability to earn a little bit of cash through my fiction. Plus, it has a feature called “friend links” which lets me share links to my premium stories on social media to allow non-paying members to read my stories for free, which gives me the best of both worlds. There are also ‘publications’, a bit like literary journals, which writers can submit to; I’ve not done so myself, but it’s supposed to be a good way to expand readership and that kind of thing.

    2. One disadvantage of Medium, depending where you live, is you can’t get paid for claps unless your country is accepted by their payment platform. If you’re in the UK, US or a host of other countries it’s fine. Not if you happened to move to South Africa though, even if you have a UK bank account. I was a bit cross about that.

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