A Fraught Fowl Fable


Winner, winner, chicken dinner,
poor old Chuck is not a grinner,
destined for the pot to simmer,
feels the horror rising in her.

Old McDonald’s her tough boss,
Chuck stopped laying, made him cross,
wife’s preparing white wine sauce
while he axe-wields to cull the dross.

Chuck gets hunting for a plan,
sets off clucking ‘bout the man,
ruffles feathers, takes the stand,
calls to arms her squawking clan.

Mrs McDonald hears the knock,
takes her leave of boiling stock,
opens door to fearsome Chuck
and fowl troops wielding rocks.

The hen uprising’s short but sweet,
birds peck bloody the woman’s feet,
they hunt McDonald through the streets,
toss rocks upon him ‘til he’s beat.

Chuck provides the final blow,
pecks at his neck and through the bone,
then sips on Pinot Grigio
as farmer’s head boils on the stove.

Images from Unsplash by:

Winner 1: Giorgio Trovato
Winner 2: Fauzan Saari
Roast chicken: Anshu A
Chicken dinner: Magda Vrabetz
Chicken 1: Niclas Dehmel
Chicken 2: James Wainscoat
Chicken 3: Thomas Iversen
Chicken 4: Sarah Halliday
Hens: Wolfgang Mennel
Hens 2: Henrique S. Ruzzon
Hens 3: Zachariah Smith
Eggs: Court:
Pot: Cooker King
Farmer: Rebecca Ritchie
Farmer’s wife: CDC
Farmer’s wife 2: CDC
Wine: Don Raffaele
Axe: Brands&People
Crate: dimas aditya
Door: Edgar
Rocks: Oliver Paaske
Wallpaper: Birmingham Museums Trust
Bricks: Math
Slippers: Philippe Jausions
Village: Olivier Collet

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    That’s brilliant, Ellie! 🐔🐔🐔

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