3 of My Favourite Beginner SEO Resources

I’m not a search engine optimisation (SEO) expert by any means, but as a copywriter who specialises in digital content, I need to know a thing or two about writing copy which is optimised for the search bots. Most of my SEO know-how has been mined from the internet and I’d love to share my favourite resources with you.

Perhaps you’re a brand spanking new startup and are getting to grips with content creation? Maybe you’re an established small business and are turning to the world of digital marketing to generate new leads? Whatever your circumstances, it certainly pays to get up to speed with the latest in SEO. It will help you create a better content marketing strategy, write better copywriting briefs, and understand exactly how you can use digital marketing to your advantage.

1. Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

Let’s start with the big guns. Who better to consult about SEO than the giant search engine who you will no doubt be striving to please? Other search engines are available, of course, but since Google has a whopping 77% of the global search engine market share, their bots are the ones you’re going to work on satisfying.

Google’s handy SEO starter guide covers all the basic steps you need to take to get Google to know your website exists and begin ranking your pages. Plus, it has adorable illustrations of a Googlebot, which helps to make the complex inner workings of SEO just a tad less intimidating.

2. Moz’s SEO Learning Centre

Moz has been doing all things SEO since 2004, so they know a thing or two about getting a web page to the front page of Google. They have a whole host of free and paid tools to help you up your SEO game, and they also have tonnes of fabulous resources which are super helpful for beginner and advanced marketers alike.

I would start with their SEO Learning Centre if you’re looking to get to grips the basic concepts of SEO. If, later on, you’re after more advanced SEO knowledge, the Moz blog is just the place to be to hear from some of the industry’s brightest digital experts.

3. Search Engine Journal (SEJ)

Search Engine Journal is just the best. For one, it has a detailed Beginner’s Guide to SEO which covers everything from the Google algorithms you need to know about, to recommendations of tools to help you get the best from your SEO strategy. Plus, the site is updated every single day with the latest SEO news, tips and tricks.

“Why do I need to care about SEO news when I’m a beginner?” I hear you ask.  Well, SEO isn’t something that you just do and forget about. Google are changing and fine tuning their algorithms all the time to try to offer their users the best search experience. That means you’ll constantly be jumping through hoops to fine tune your website to give it the best chance of hitting the top positions in the SERPs. Fun, right?! I know it’s daunting, but SEJ have bags of resources to help you out.

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