Summer Sundays

buffet illustration

Summer Sundays were always meant for al fresco dinners. An opportunity for a busy family to share the week’s news over a bottle of wine and a table straining with food.

I didn’t see why it had to be different after the accident. Every week I prepared a spread fit for a king, only I was the sole diner.

On Monday mornings, when I opened my curtains and looked out on the patio, the wrought iron chairs had always moved. Haphazardly discarded by ghosts in the night who carried tradition beyond the grave.

I was the sole diner, but I was never truly alone.

Author: Ellie Scott

Ellie Scott is a freelance content writer and copywriter from Yorkshire. She writes speculative and silly short stories and flash fiction every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, writing-related blogs posts every Sunday, and book reviews for short attention spans once each month. Her most common pastimes include procrastinating on Twitter (@itsemscott) and hibernating on her sofa with a book and a (very large) glass of gin. If you like the cut of Ellie's jib and would like to support her writing habit, you can buy her a coffee here:

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