Copywriting Portfolio

An ever-expanding collection of my professional writing and copywriting projects.


Taking inspiration from from both the catwalk and the high street, Manchester-based retailer Luxêmme specialise in creating in luxurious, fashion-forward clothing. I have provided a wide range of copywriting services to Luxêmme, including:

  • Blog posts
  • Style guides
  • Beauty tips
  • News articles
  • Press releases
  • SEO-friendly category descriptions and META descriptions
  • Product descriptions
  • Web page content
  • Promotional emails
  • Printed promotional literature

“Figure hugging bodycon dresses, sophisticated LBDs, gorgeously girl summer frocks and daring asymmetric gowns; we love a good dress here at Luxêmme and have made it our mission to put together a fantastic range to suit every woman’s style…” Read more >

“… You’ll find all the latest fashionable trends inspired by the runway as well as utterly timeless styles to take you from one season to the next; so what are you waiting for? Zip up and start the search for your new favourite jacket.” Read more >

We all have a few favourite night-out staples stashed away in our wardrobes; those trusty dresses which we can throw on in seconds and feel a million dollars in, despite not having hours to spare to glam up. The Darchelle dress is certainly one of them thanks to its classic cut and shape which creates a gorgeous hourglass figure and shows the perfect amount of flesh without giving too much away.” Read more >

Floorfillerz Glasgow Mobile Disco

Floorfillerz is a Glasgow-based mobile disco established by BBC Radio Scotland DJ Dougie Campbell. During an update of the Floorfillerz website Dougie asked me to update existing copy across the site in order to make it more engaging, persuasive and SEO friendly.

Dance Links logo

“Ellie is fantastic. 

 I sent her a range of ideas for different articles for the Dancelinks website and within a week she had written three high quality pieces of writing to which you could tell she had invested time and creativity. Her articles really captured Dancelinks’ personality and she was lovely to work with. I am thrilled with the articles as they exceeded the expectations of our limited budget . I hope to work with Ellie again real soon and I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone wanting top quality pieces of work. “

– Jessica Slater, Dancelinks founder.

Dancelinks provides a catalogue of dance classes throughout the UK to unite dancers with their perfect local class. As part of my content writing services I have created a number of dance-related blog posts for their news page in order to help keep content fresh and drive new visitors to the site.

Are You a Back Row Dancer?

Being placed on the back row for a performance can feel incredibly disheartening. You may wonder whether you’re not as strong of a performer as your fellow dancers, and worry you’re being hidden from view for a reason. However, you could be wrong…

The 7 Deadly Sins of Dance

You may be familiar with the ballet chanté ‘The Seven Deadly Sins,’ or your dance group may have even used the theme for a performance of your own. But what about the 7 sins we dancers are guilty of? Read on and let us know if any apply to you!…

Should Dance by Adjudicated?

Joining a dance class is a fantastic way to keep fit, to meet new friends and, above all, have a huge amount of fun learning new skills that will stay with you for the rest of your life. However, when dance starts to become competitive it can affect your enjoyment and put you under unnecessary pressure. On the flip side, competitive can drive you to work harder and make you a better dancer. So are competitions right for dancers?…

altered beats logo” Ellie took our name, our image and our ethos and put it all in one place in the format of a high quality website that really gets our point across. Would ask her for any future copy and press to bring the project to life. Cheers! – ABs”

Altered Beats is a non-profit music-focused social enterprise which aims to make music production software accessible to young people in order to give them a voice to express themselves and build their confidence. I have worked with Altered Beats for several months to help them plan and build their website and create content, and will continue to work with them through the next year to help increase their online visibility.

Savantini Ltd - StressNoMore - Kegel8

Savantini Ltd is the provider of the leading pelvic floor exercise brand Kegel8 and health product retailer StressNoMore. Having worked as Assistant Brand Manager at Savantini from 2012 to 2014, I was responsible for a broad range of marketing activities for both brands including copywriting. Below you can find a selection of my copywriting work for Savantini.

 The Nelson Family

“Very happy with Ellie’s work. Highly recommended!”

– Brady Nelson

As a ghostwriter for Brady and Alisha Nelson I helped to create a series of eBooks on the subject of cat care. These lighthearted books were written in a friendly, informal and accessible tone and therefore made for an incredibly fun project. The books are now available to download via Amazon.

Cat Toilet Training – How to Toilet Train Your Cat in 7 Simple Steps

So you think you’re ready to toilet train your cat?

Look at that cutesy little furry face! And the teeny tiny paws! And adorable little pink nose! And… that steaming pile of sand-covered poop.

Cats are one of the greatest pets on earth and offer endless hours of cuddles and entertainment, but their biggest downfall? Stinky litter boxes. Who knew that something that precious could produce such gut-wrenching stenches from its cute little butt?

Cleaning the litter box is undoubtedly the worst aspect of being a cat owner. If you live in a city and have an indoor cat, you’ll have no reprise from the little poop-machine either. Not to mention the cost of the litter and cleaning supplies which amount to thousands of dollars over the years. Pets are priceless, sure, but it would be nice if they didn’t cost so much…

Cat Care – Vital Tips of Nail Care, Ear Care and Skin Care for Your Family’s Favourite Feline

Despite their ridiculously cute appearance and butter wouldn’t melt expressions, cats were created by Mother Nature as lean mean hunting machines. They have needle sharp teeth and teeny tiny talons sharp enough to rip apart flesh with a single swipe. Now, most house cats, and I’m sure your adorable little monster in particular, don’t attempt to hunt, kill and devour their owners, but there are times where they become a little too rambunctious in their play and inadvertently slice our arms (or even faces… ouch) open with their claws. And many cat owners will agree that cat scratches sting like hell and take forever to stop bleeding.

You probably already know this, but if your cat gets a little overexcited in play and leaves a deep scratch on your arm, don’t scald him. He’s only doing natural cat-like behaviour, and shouting at him will discourage him from playing with you in future. Instead, you should be pampering the little guy with manicures every now and then in order to stop his claws from getting too sharp. Then you’ll be able to enjoy bloodbath-free play anytime.

Cat Names – Female, Male and Other Cute Cat Names Fitting Your Family’s Feline

If you name your cat Felix, you can expect to be calling him Fee-Fee much of the time, or something like Lixy-wixy-woo when he’s being extra adorably cute. For fun, he may even be known as Sir Fe-Lix A Lot. The times where you and he really need a serious talk though – such as when he’s destroyed an entire role of toilet paper and decorated the house in tiny shreds of white tissue – he’s not going to come when you call Felix because he hasn’t learned his real name.

Cats aren’t like humans; many of us have a shortened version of our names which we use day-to-day, leaving full names to be used exclusively for official documents or when we’re in trouble with our parents. Cats, however, respond to noises, not names, and poor Felix only knows himself as Fee-Fee. When you call “Felix” he’s going to ignore you and continue scrabbling toilet paper; that’s no good for either of you.

Musicandotherthingz logo is a music blog which I contribute to on a weekly basis. The ethos of the blog is to provide honest reviews which are stripped of the hidden meanings and metaphors so often found in maintstream music magazines which tend to baffle the reader without giving any true insight into the track or musician in question. Both high profile and up-and-coming musicians are reviewed by a team of writers, including myself, in a non-pretentious manner; it’s good, honest, music-loving fun. You can find a selection of my articles below.

Short Movie – Laura Marling

Laura Marling’s latest self-produced album, Short Movie, has a defiant edge which is making people talk. The record is somewhat different from her previous offerings; more complex and seemingly more mature, demanding listen after listen as you attempt to figure out her intentions whilst fully appreciating her song-writing talents…

Undertow – Drenge

Drenge shot to fame in 2013 with their debut self-titled album which was the grungy epitome of teenage angst with a shot of blues rock on the side. Two years later, and the duo have released their long-awaited second album, Undertow. Sadly, it doesn’t quite live up to the first…

English Tongue – Palma Violets

The latest release from Palma Violets features their trademark shouting vocals, yet seems to lack anything else of substance. In comparison to ‘Best of Friends’, which was voted Song of the Year by NME in 2012, ‘English Tongue’ is incredibly simplistic and sounds like more of a coach-trip singalong than a new release from a promising young British rock band…

Wear & Tear – FalseHeads

London-based trio Falseheads latest EP, Wear and Tear, may only be 4 tracks long, but it certainly makes a statement. Front man Luke Griffiths spits out vocals in a punchy London accent which is reminiscent of the Prodigy’s Keith Flint. This gives the band a punky vibe, yet the heavy guitar and rhythmic bassline combined with high energy drums ensure the sound is more complex and well-rounded than plain old punk…

Not Real – Stealing Sheep

On their latest album, Not Real, psych-folk trio Stealing Sheep bounce back and forth between upbeat, peppy tracks and something a little darker. They know exactly how to create fun, energetic melodies that make you want to dance. Standout tracks include ‘Deadlock’, the opening of which sounds like an 80’s arcade game soundtrack, and ‘Sunk’ which gives us powerful, punchy beats offset brilliantly by melodic vocals…

What Time Do You Call This? – Elbow

The latest single from festival song-along favourites Elbow was penned exclusively for new British rom-com Man Up. It’s a trademark Elbow track, with frontman Guy Garvey’s comforting Northern vocals taking centre stage surrounded by gentle drumbeats, soaring strings, twinkling piano and a backing chorus of “What time do you call this?” that will no doubt be chanted from the crowd at the band’s next festival appearance. All in all it’s a solid track, but something is missing; passion…

Wilder Mind – Mumford & Sons

Neo-folk band Mumford & Sons have set down their banjos for the latest album, Wilder Mind, and picked up their electric guitars instead. The result? A bland collection of almost-rock that could easily be mistaken for a Coldplay album…

Talk it Out – Colleagues

Up and coming Swedish band Colleagues offer us a light hearted electronic pop track with their latest single, Talk It Out. Along with its undeniably 80s sound, the track has a catchy chorus that has you singing along in no time, making it the perfect candidate for a top pop hit…

Regret – Everything Everything

Upbeat and unbelievably catchy, Everything Everything’s latest single Regret is already engrained in my head after just a couple of listens. This track is a fantastic pop hit destined for copious radio play, and yet there’s far more to it than plain old pop…

Why Make Sense? – Hot Chip

Hot Chip have been making waves with their latest album, Why Make Sense?, which sees the band cutting back to a somewhat simpler sound. They seem to favour more subtle electronic sounds in 2015, allowing lyrics and key riffs to take focus rather than swamping our ears with complex layers as per their previous style. And it works brilliantly…

Kill Your Attitude – Darwin Deez

The latest single, Kill Your Attitude, from indie-pop artist Darwin Deez comes after two years of silence since his last album release. With a preppy drumbeat and twanging electric guitar it has a flavour of modern punk rock but is undoubtedly pop at the core…

I Tried – Lucy Rose

Lucy Rose’s latest release, I Tried, is a chilled out track with subtle electronica and delicate, almost haunting vocals. With a slow, gentle beat and glittering backing synth, the singer-songwriter’s effortless voice without a doubt takes centre stage, and yet the softness of her lyrics somehow melts perfectly into the track to create a tapestry of mellow sound that is incredibly satisfying…

I Don’t Want to Let You Down – Sharon Van Etten

Sharon Van Etten’s new E.P. is a gentle reverie with a slightly dark edge. The Brooklyn-based singer songwriter has a knack for creating delicate tracks that perfectly match her serene vocals…